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Raspberry Pi: dd: /dev/rdisk2: Invalid argument

Posted on Fri., June 8, 9:31 PM by Will Caine
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I receieved 'Invalid argument' when copying Debian "squeeze" onto my SDCard the instructions provided at http://elinux.org/RPi_Easy_SD_Card_Setup for the MAC OS X. I ignored it, plugged it into my pi and it booted right up =)

Free HTML Image Map Tool

Posted on Fri., November 19, 9:31 AM by Will Caine
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Short and Sweat... Here it is

Transform Java1.5 code to Java1.4 while keeping the same code base

Posted on Tue., August 31, 10:11 AM by Will Caine
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This might just be my bad luck but I cannot count the number of times I have ran into the issue of wanting to use Java5 built jar files on the archaic SunOne server. My options until now were either, rewrite the code for Java14 OR look for something else to do the same work. Rewriting the code is not terrible but you loose nice features added in Java5 like Generics, Enums, newer syntax, etc. You also now have two code bases you must maintain. Well I did some digging around and found some open source tools that can transform MOST Java5 code into compatible Java14.

Project Workflow Class Project

Posted on Sun., July 25, 7:09 PM by Will Caine
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This is the project I did for my Software Engineering Class. The project work flow application will allow users to create and manage tickets that deal with software change management. When a ticket is created it goes through a work flow that involves approvals and steps to move changes from environments dev to production.

Relational Designer

Posted on Thu., June 3, 3:43 PM by Will Caine
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I wrote this app for my Database Class. It accepts functional dependencies(rule) and finds keys, if it is dependency preserving, and if it is in 3NF form.

Connect to a Internet Resource Through Proxy Authorization

Posted on Mon., April 19, 6:25 PM by Will Caine
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The goal of this example is to enabled you to authenticate into a proxy without the use of the Authenticator class (http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/java/net/Authenticator.html) and the need to call 'Authenticator.setDefault()'

All You Mac Enthusiast Out There: "Stay Grounded"

Posted on Mon., April 19, 6:18 PM by Will Caine
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Well here is one that I am shocked, no pun intended, that Apple has not dealt with the following possibility. An ungrounded power supply electrifies the casing of the Mac!

Awesome Mac Tool for Porting Applications

Posted on Wed., January 27, 8:25 AM by Will Caine
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For Mac users out there this is an awesome tool!!! http://trac.macports.org/wiki Mac Ports is an awesome tool that will port apps that were written for Unix to the Mac environment. It will do all of the building, configuration, and downloading of additionally need libraries for you. How awesome is that!

DD-WRT Wireless Bridge - Why Pay $100 for XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter?

Posted on Wed., January 20, 6:55 PM by Will Caine
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XBOX 360 Wireless Adapters are around $100 brand new and only work with the X-BOX. Why not buy a LinkSys WRT54G for less or compatible wireless router with DD-WRT and get not only your XBOX onto XBOX Live BUT ALSO a second wireless router in another part of the house for other things to plugin to?

dotCMS 1.7a Enable Site Search

Posted on Wed., December 30, 2:49 PM by Will Caine
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I finally decided to enable site search with somewhat of a disappointment. I am not sure If its my setup, weak Spindle is, or my lacking of understanding of what Spindle needs.

WebLogic9 Avoid new lines for attributes in the weblogic.xml

Posted on Wed., December 2, 7:18 PM by Will Caine
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Avoid new lines in weblogic.xml inside of your attribute values or weird things will start happening

dotCMS 1.7a Not using WAR in Tomcat and why

Posted on Wed., December 2, 7:06 PM by Will Caine
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While getting dotCMS into a war was a neat trick. It is a pain to maintain for my purposes because I cannot directly edit files like the dotCMS_library_ext.vm. I would have to edit it, then rebuild my war and redeploy it. ALSO, most important of all, it I undeploy the war, it deletes my assets!!!

dotCMS 1.7a Backup Data - XML Export Bug

Posted on Mon., November 16, 7:10 PM by Will Caine
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This bug was encountered when using dotCMS on mySQL 5.x. It has to do with how dotCMS truncates its export files by the 10,000 items. The way in which the chunking of data is done causes data to be missed.

dotCMS Plugin SiteMap V1.3 Bug/Fix

Posted on Thu., November 12, 8:53 PM by Will Caine
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This bug/fix pertains to the SiteMap v1.3 plugin for dotCMS. The issue of not using the right pluginId is that when the code goes to look up the plugin properties, the properties return an empty string that then prevents the Quartz trigger to be inserted with an error 'Quartz job must have a name'. This is because the jar generated is plugin-org.dotcms.plugins.XMLSitemap.jar the pluginId is 'plugin-org.dotcms.plugins.XMLSitemap' not 'org.dotcms.plugins.googleSitemap' which it might of been named in previous version.

dotCMS 1.7a photoGallery Macro Bug Multiple Directories

Posted on Thu., November 5, 1:07 PM by Will Caine
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While playing with the provided macros I found an issue with the photoGallary macro when trying to have sub-directories off the indexFolder directory. See what I found and what can be done to fix it.

dotCMS Installing From SVN to WAR on Tomcat and MySQL

Posted on Thu., October 22, 4:07 PM by Will Caine
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I checked out the code from SVN and then rebuilt the war only to find that it doesn't work right away on a fresh install of Tomcat 6.016. This took me about a day starting from scratch with a baseline Tomcat install and the checked out code from dotCMS to make it work as a war on the standard Tomcat baseline with a lot of modifications to how the ant build.xml makes the war. So here is what I had to change and add to make it work.